Eclipse Camping at Jellystone Park™ Columbus North

A Must-Experience 2024 Event

Jellystone Park™ Columbus North is gearing up for a unique event that’s literally out of this world! Although we’re typically closed during this time of year, from April 5 – 9, 2024, we’re hosting a special eclipse camping experience, culminating on April 8th with the awe-inspiring Total Solar Eclipse over North America! This is your chance to camp out under the stars and witness a celestial spectacle!

What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse is an astronomical event where the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth, cloaking the day in an unexpected twilight. It’s a moment where the usual laws of day and night are briefly suspended, and we’re treated to a display that occurs in any given location approximately once every 375 years, making it a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Why Jellystone Park™ Columbus North for the Eclipse?

Our park is perfectly positioned within the path of totality, ensuring campers experience the full effect of the eclipse. For approximately four minutes, you’ll be able to witness the complete covering of the sun, revealing only the radiant solar corona. Stars and planets may become visible, too. While the total eclipse is the highlight, the partial phases before and after provide a prolonged display of celestial wonder spanning several hours.

Eclipse Camping at Jellystone Park™ Columbus North

Planning Your Eclipse Camping Trip

Here’s how to gear up for your stay at Jellystone Park™ Columbus North:

Book Your Spot

Don’t wait too long; reserve your RV or tent site well in advance. At $75 for RVs and $50 for tents per night, you’re securing a prime location for eclipse viewing.

Comforts of Camping

Porta-potties will be available for use, and every campsite offers a fire ring, picnic table, and electricity access. Firewood can also be purchased.

Safety First

Eclipse glasses are a must-have to safely enjoy the solar spectacle. Ensure you have the proper ISO-certified glasses for everyone in your group to protect your eyes from the intense light of the eclipse.

Make It a Weekend to Remember

You’re welcome to extend your stay beyond the eclipse—there’s no minimum stay requirement. Book for the night or stay the whole weekend from April 5-9, 2024. Our flexible cancellation policy means you can adjust your plans up to 24 hours before your reservation, giving you peace of mind.

Jellystone Park™ Columbus North is offering more than just a location for eclipse camping and viewing; it’s a place to create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us for this extraordinary event and witness the grandeur of the cosmos during our special opening.

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