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Weekends are extra special at Jellystone Park™ Columbus North. Family and friends will enjoy special activities, events, food, and decor during our theme weekends. From Halloween to Mother’s Day and Christmas in July to a Birthday Party for Yogi Bear™, you can celebrate with the Jellystone Park™ family. Check out our calendar and book your family vacation around an upcoming theme celebration.

All activities and dates are subject to change without notice.


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June 17-23, 2024

Birthday Bash for Yogi Bear™ Week

Get ready to celebrate the timeless and beloved Yogi Bear™ as he turns another year wiser and more lovable! It’s a week-long extravaganza dedicated to our cherished friend, filled with an array of exciting games, engaging crafts, and delightful activities. Join us as we gather to honor Yogi Bear™ and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Unleash your creativity with engaging crafts that pay tribute to our favorite pic-a-nic-loving bear. Design your own Yogi Bear™-inspired artwork, create charming bear masks, or craft a unique keepsake to commemorate this special occasion. Let your imagination soar as you express your love for Yogi Bear™ through art.

In addition to all these fun activities, don’t miss the Party Carnival for Yogi Bear featuring a balloon artist, face painting, and glitter tattoos. Plus, join us for a unique experience at our Silent Disco. It’s going to be a celebration you won’t want to miss!

June 24-30, 2024

Hula and Happiness: A Week of Aloha Spirit

Aloha! Break out the grass skirts, make leis, and don’t forget to pack your coconuts! It’s Luau Week at Jellystone Park™! Join us for a pool party, games, and a luau on the beach! So, grab your flip-flops and join us as we celebrate in true island style. It’s a week filled with vibrant colors, joyful festivities, and a sense of tropical bliss. Get ready to immerse yourself in the spirit of aloha at Jellystone Park™’s unforgettable Luau Week!

In addition to all the fun, enjoy the mesmerizing Pacific Rhythm Polynesian Luau performance on the beach, featuring fire twirling! Plus, test your fishing skills in our exciting Fishing Derby. It’s going to be an island adventure you won’t want to miss!

July 1-7, 2024

Patriotic Pic-A-Nic! Where Bears and Freedom Roam

Spend your 4th of July Week at Jellystone Park™! There will be activities, games, pool parties, crafts, parade and more! Show us what you can do with red, white, and blue! Decorate your golf carts and bikes and join Yogi Bear™ in our annual 4th of July Parade. Don’t forget to decorate your campsites for our Independence Day site decorating contest!

In addition to all these exciting events, enjoy live music from the band Tightrope, a pool party at the Resort Pool, and an exhilarating Fishing Derby. Treat yourself to delicious treats as the Pic-A-Nic Basket Ice Cream Truck and Food Truck open to serve you.

Please note: A three-night minimum stay is required to ensure ample time to immerse yourself in the festivities and make the most of this extraordinary celebration.

July 8-14, 2024

Santa’s Summer Surprise – It’s Christmas in July

Get ready to unwrap the magic of the holiday season in the middle of summer with Yogi Bear™ during our spectacular Christmas in July event! Dust off those cherished Christmas decorations from the attic and transform your site into a winter wonderland. Enter our highly anticipated site decorating contest and showcase your creativity for a chance to win fabulous prizes! Share delicious cookies with Santa himself, savoring the sweet taste of holiday treats in the company of the man in the red suit. Gather around for carols by candlelight, where you’ll join in a harmonious chorus, filling the air with melodic cheer. And don’t forget the highlight of the festivities – tree decorating with Yogi Bear™ and his friends.

In addition to all these festive activities, enjoy a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus with the Sleigh, participate in the Magic Candy Cane $$ event, decorate Christmas cookies, and join our Junior Ranger program weekend. It’s going to be a magical celebration you won’t want to miss!

July 22-28, 2024

We Love Our Pups Week

Come celebrate your favorite member of the family with us! It’s a week filled with tail-wagging fun and activities designed for you and your canine companion. March proudly alongside your furry friend in our delightful pooch parade. Unleash your creativity with dog-friendly crafts that will delight both you and your furry friend. And for the truly talented pups out there, showcase their skills in our entertaining dog talent show.

In addition to all these exciting activities, enjoy a visit from K9 Professionals and Central Ohio Canine Foundation, join the Puppy Party, and participate in our Doggy Talent Show. It’s going to be a paw-some celebration you won’t want to miss!

July 29, 2024 – August 4, 2024

Cocoa Carnival: A Decadent Celebration of Chocolate Bliss

Welcome to a chocoholic’s dream come true! Indulge in a mouthwatering celebration centered around the world’s favorite treat: chocolate! Get ready for a delectable extravaganza where you can immerse yourself in a chocolatey wonderland. From thrilling activities to scrumptious treats, this event will satisfy your sweet tooth and create unforgettable memories. Join us for a Chocolate Slip n’ Slide: Slide, glide, and have a blast on a chocolatey slide that will leave you covered in deliciousness, show off your talents with a chocolate painting, and so much more as we celebrate the wonders of chocolate and create unforgettable moments of pure bliss.

In addition to all these sweet activities, enjoy a mesmerizing performance by Magician Ron Spangler, have fun with the Chocolate Slip-n-Slide, and participate in the Choco Pop-Its activity. It’s going to be a chocolate-filled celebration you won’t want to miss!

August 5-11, 2024

Pirate’s Booty and Royal Beauty: The Adventures of Raiders and Royalty

Embark on a majestic fairytale journey during the Princesses and Pirates themed weekend, where royal elegance merges with swashbuckling quests! Ahoy, young adventurers! Prepare to set sail with Captain Yogi Bear™ on a thrilling voyage filled with magical surprises. Join us as we search for hidden treasure and immerse ourselves in a world of enchantment. Will you uncover the precious jewels and become a true hero of the princess realm?

Don your finest princess gowns and pirate attire, for this grand adventure demands the presence of both regal elegance and daring spirit. Delve into the challenges that lie ahead, testing your courage and wit. Will you triumph over the obstacles or face the consequences of walking the plank?

Join us for a weekend filled with royal delights, where princesses will discover their inner strength and pirates will learn the power of noble hearts. It’s a celebration of imagination, friendship, and the magic that lies within each of us.

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world of Princesses and Pirates. As dreams unfold and legends come to life, you’ll create memories that will be cherished forever. It’s a weekend where princesses reign supreme and pirates find their inner hero.

In addition to all the magical activities, enjoy live music from the band Simba Jordan, participate in a thrilling Treasure Hunt, and compete in our inaugural Cardboard Boat Race! It’s going to be an unforgettable weekend of adventure and fun!

August 12-18, 2024

Holiday Medley Mix-Up: A Joyful Jumble of Celebrations

hristmas? Halloween? Easter? Which one is it? It’s a festive fusion where the lines between holidays blur and the fun knows no bounds. Join us for an extraordinary experience that combines the magic of multiple celebrations into one incredible adventure! Join us for an Easter Hunt with candy-filled eggs, trick-or-treating in your ugly sweater, and much more! Unleash your creativity and deck out your site with holiday-themed decorations of your choice. Let your imagination run wild and create a captivating display that reflects YOUR favorite holiday.

In addition to all these festive activities, enjoy a visit from Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, participate in Holiday Site Judging, join Santa’s Easter Egg Hunt, and go trick-or-treating in your ugly sweater.

Join us for this remarkable celebration where the boundaries of traditional holidays are reimagined. It’s a chance to experience the joy, magic, and excitement of multiple celebrations all in one incredible event. Get ready for a Holiday Mashup that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime!

August 19-25, 2024

Jurassic Jungle Jamboree: A Reptile Rally

Did you know that dinosaurs are classified as reptiles? Join us for a weekend where the ancient meets the modern, as we celebrate the remarkable reptiles that have shaped our planet. Explore the rich history of dinosaurs, their classification as reptiles, and their enduring legacy. Marvel at the wonders of modern reptiles and gain a deeper appreciation for their vital role in the natural world.

Enjoy a visit from Stumps Exotic Animals featuring snakes, reptiles, and lizards, participate in a dinosaur egg hatching activity, and join our Junior Ranger program weekend.

Don’t miss this chance to discover the incredible reptiles, both ancient and modern. It’s a weekend of discovery, education, and awe-inspiring encounters that will leave you with a newfound admiration for these amazing creatures.

August 26, 2024 – September 2, 2024

Work Hard, Play Harder: A Labor Day Celebration

As the summer sun sets and we bid adieu to the carefree days, join us for a Labor Day weekend extravaganza that embodies the spirit of “We Work Hard and Play Harder.” This celebration serves as the unofficial end of summer and the gateway to the enchanting fall camping season. Prepare for a dynamic experience filled with exciting activities, joyful parades, creative arts and crafts, and a refreshing pool party that will make this holiday one to remember.

Enjoy live music from Tightrope, an End of Summer Pool Party, a Fishing Derby, and a Labor Day Parade with a golf cart and site decorating contest.

Embrace the essence of this transitional moment as we pay tribute to the hard work and dedication that defines us. Let us gather in a spirit of camaraderie and revel in the rewards of our labor. It’s time to celebrate both the accomplishments and the joys that life offers.

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